About us


Hello and welcome to fishinggearforbass.com, your number one source for bass fishing tips and gear reviews. We are a team of passionate fishermen who enjoy spending as much as our free time out on the lakes and rivers, looking for that perfect bass specimen. As we do a lot of fishing and because we all have our favorite techniques and gear setups, we have decided to put together a website for both beginners and experienced fishermen.
Besides the tips and advice we offer, we have also taken the time to review some of the best pieces of bass fishing equipment that are currently available. We have grouped these pieces of gear into categories that should enable you to find exactly what you are looking for. Each category is comprised of a series of buying tips that you should take into account when choosing your next rod or reel and three to four products that certainly deserve your consideration. These are individually reviewed so you can find out all there is to know about your next piece of fishing gear.
Tight lines everyone!