Abu Garcia Veritas Review


Abu Garcia Veritas1

Why we like this model

This bass casting rod by Abu Garcia is incredibly lightweight and sensitive, while also having the power and strength needed to go after larger fish.

The rod is designed with micro guides that allow the line to flow freely on long casts, without adding any extra weight.

To ensure comfort and to provide you with a secure grip it comes with an EVA handle that also allows you to feel every tug and nibble on your line.

As an added bonus the Veritas comes with a Texas style hook keeper so you can keep bait and other small items close at hand.


User complaints

Like many other top rated bass casting rods the only negative comment concerns the condition of the product on arrival. Some consumers have mentioned that the tip was broken off during shipping. While this is annoying it can be easily resolved simply by contacting customer service for a replacement rod.



In depth information


Abu Garcia is well known for its high performance rods, and the Veritas is no exception. It’s lightweight construction allows you to make long casts all day without worrying about arm fatigue, and it is also designed to be sensitive from the tip to the handle so you will feel every nibble at your bait. What sets this casting rod apart from other Abu Garcia models is its strength.


The rod is constructed from graphite and comes with a carbon core so it is strong enough to withstand the heavy pressure needed to fight active fish. Not only is this rod durable, its innovative construction doesn’t add any extra weight. This way you still have a rod that is sensitive and lightweight, while being strong enough to go after bass. Adding to its long list of pros is the fact that the rod is also well balanced so you can make accurate casts.


Rated for medium power and fast action every aspect of this rod is designed for bass fishing, including the reel seat and line guides. The guides are spaced evenly and constructed from a titanium alloy that is durable and lightweight. It also comes with silicon carbon inserts so you can enjoy smooth casts and retrievals without any problems. Since the line can flow freely long casts are never a problem with the Veritas. The reel seat is also designed to improve performance and sensitivity, along with ensuring a secure fit. Its “extreme exposure” design allows you to easily slip the reel on and will keep it securely in place so every cast and retrieval is smooth and accurate.


You will appreciate how comfortable the EVA handle is to grasp, and it also won’t slip easily out of wet hands. It even comes with a Texas style hook keeper so you can keep small items conveniently close by. Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, the Veritas by Abu Garcia might be just what you are looking for.


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