Ardent Denny Brauer Review


2.Ardent Denny Brauer

Why we like this model

Measuring 7’ 6” and rated for medium power and fast action this flipping rod is capable of making accurate casts over surf.

You will appreciate its lightweight and durable construction that won’t cause arm or wrist fatigue.

Every aspect of this flipping rod is designed for power and performance from the graphite blank to the aluminum line guides.

The cork grips provide you with a secure and comfortable grasp when you are fighting powerful bass and other large fish, and won’t easily slip out of wet hands.


User complaints

There have been an unfortunate number of complaints regarding broken rods and difficulties with the manufacturer’s customer service department. While this is still a great performing flipping rod this should be considered before you decide to purchase it.


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In depth information


When you are ready to go after bass in heavy cover you need a powerful flipping rod, which is why many anglers turn to the Denny Brauer by Ardent. Measuring 7’ 6”  it has the length you need to clear the surf and heavy weed growth, while still being lightweight, sensitive and extremely durable. Since it is rated for medium power and fast action you can easily make accurate casts at a distance, even if it is your first time using a flipping rod for bass fishing. Its fast action capabilities also ensures that the tip is sensitive enough to alert you the instant a fish takes an interest in your bait.

The graphite blank is designed for strength and performance, while also being lightweight for easy handling. The graphite construction is also resistant to rust and corrosion so you can fish for sea and freshwater bass. To ensure a smooth performance in almost any conditions the lines guides are constructed from a corrosion resistant aluminum oxide. With the line flowing freely you can make smooth casts and retrievals, and never have to worry about jerky movements that might allow your catch to swim away.


You will appreciate the reel seat from Pac Bay that is constructed from high quality materials. Like the rest of the rod it is resistant to rust and corrosion, and designed to deliver you with a top performance. The reel seat is also lightweight and well balanced to ensure the feel of the rod doesn’t change.


Even the handle is designed with performance and comfort in mind. The cork grips are comfortable to grasp, even when you are fighting to land heavy sea bass. It will also provide you with a secure grip so you don’t have to worry about the rod slipping out of wet hands. The blue-black color of the rod is attractive and ensures that you will stand out from other anglers, and since it is capable of providing you with an exceptional performance this flipping rod might be just what you need to land a trophy worthy bass.


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