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Pole and reels for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


Fishing is a favorite pastime for many and it is considered to be the best escapism available to the modern individual. A great plus of fishing is that it is relatively inexpensive, and you can save money on gear by getting some good deals. Another great idea for saving money when purchasing fishing gear is to get a pole and reel combo, instead of purchasing the parts you need separately. This buying guide is designed to help you get the best bass fishing pole and reel currently available on the market. Read further and you will become properly informed for making a good purchase.

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Action speed

Since a combo is made up of a rod and reel, it is important to pay attention to a few aspects that are particular to each of these components. Rods have something called action, and it illustrates the speed at which a rod bends. This level of flexibility can be very helpful depending on which type of fish you intend to catch. Action splits rods into three main categories: fast, moderate and slow. A fast rod is one that bends at the top, and it is the least flexible of them all. A moderate rod is preferred by many, because of its versatility, and they can bend in the middle as well as towards the top. The slower rods are very flexible and they can bend in different ways.


Number of guides

If you are looking for the best rod and reel combo for bass, you will have to pay attention to the number of guides, as well. Guides are used for adjusting your rod depending on what kind of fish you are after. As you can easily imagine, the models with more guides are the best, since they allow you to switch between various types of prey. Since bass comes in many sizes, a more versatile rod and reel combo is highly recommended.


Reel type

Getting to the second part of the combo, you will have to decide on the reel type you want to use. Spinning reels are a medium choice, since they are fairly accurate and easy to use. Baitcasting reels are preferred by anglers, but they are not as easy to figure out, while spincast reels are the best for beginners and kids.


Top 4 products we recommend


Find below the best combos for bass fishing currently available. You will be able to read about the main advantages they offer and the most important features that make them so popular.



Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2


1.Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod ComboThis spinning rod and reel combo is a great choice if you are looking for the best value for the buck. The reel is made of glass filled nylon body and 4 ball bearings are installed on it. The one way clutch ensures that there will be no accidental hook sets to worry about. Its anti-reverse feature contributes to its great popularity. Many anglers consider the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 to be the best bass fishing rod and reel now available, and that should be enough reason to take a closer look at it.

The materials used for this combo are of the highest quality. Graphite and fiberglass are employed on the combo, in order to keep it lightweight and practical. Even beginners can handle this combo with great ease and many buy it for their youngest, too. The stylish design contributes to the general appeal of this model, with its black matte finish that makes it look modern and hip. The red and silver highlights make it stand out, and you, the owner, will also draw some envious looks when you go fishing. The 5.2:1 gear ratio makes this combo a good pick for bass fishing.



Daiwa D-Cast Freshwater M 1


2.Daiwa D-Cast Freshwater 6-Feet M 1 Piece Baitcast ComboBeginners cannot often be bothered with too many complicated choices when it comes to fishing gear, because their knowledge is still limited. A good choice for them would be the Daiwa D-Cast Freshwater M 1, a rod and reel combo that is ideal for bass fishing. The 6.3:1 gear ratio gives you plenty of flexibility, so you will be able to fish various species of bass. The anti-reverse system prevents any unpleasant mishaps and the graphite frame keeps the overall weight of the combo to a minimum. Stability and smoothness of casting are ensured by the 4 ball bearings present.

The medium action of the Daiwa D-Cast Freshwater M 1 is a good reason to consider this for bass fishing. Since this fish is known for its warrior like abilities, when you go fishing, you should be able to count on your fishing gear. This combo provides you with the best starter kit, since you will only have to select the right tackle and line to make sure that you are about to catch some nice looking bass. The 6 tip guides contribute to the versatility of this rod and reel combo that is a perfect match for bass fishing.



Zebco 808 Medium Heavy


3.Zebco Medium Heavy Spincast Fishing Rod and Reel ComboYou can count on some really heavy action if you are picking the Zebco Medium Heavy. Everything invested in this spincast combo spells quality. The reel comes with 20 pound monofilament, so there is no need for you to get line on the side. Basically, armed with this fishing gear, you will be able to take on just any fish that happens to be in your way. Due to its auto bait alert feature, you will never have to complain ever again about any fish that got away from you. This is one of the most interesting features that this combo comes with, and it is not the only one. The reel is made of stainless steel and it can withstand 20 pound line cast at up to 100 yards.

The EVA grips are made of a special type of foam that provides both grip and comfort. The anti-reverse system prevents accidental hook setups and the built in hook keeper keeps things comfortable and convenient. Unlike baitcast reels that do not allow you to change your hand, this spincast reel lets you experience with both right and left retrieve. Users seem to love the dial adjustable drag that gives you the best cast control.



Shakespeare Catch More Fish


4.Shakespeare Catch More Fish Bass Spin ComboThe Shakespeare Catch More Fish is considered by many anglers to be the best rod and reel for bass fishing, and not without strong reasons. Ideal for beginners who have never fished for bass ever in their lives, this model is a great money saver, because it includes some nice accessories, besides the rod and reel. The spinning reel comes with a pre-spooled spool and a complete kit is provided. Tackle is included, as well as line, and you can also set the reeling handle to your preferred side, without any problems. The tubular glass rod has stainless steel guides, for increased durability.

The EVA grip is great for bass fishing because the reel will not easily slip from your hands, even when wet. The Berkley Powerbait bait included consists of worms and lizards, which are known to be bass’s favorites. Crankbaits and beetle spins are also part of the kit, so you will have plenty of accessories to use in order to catch all the bass you want. Made of high quality materials, such as graphite, aluminum and fiberglass, this combo is very lightweight and a real pleasure to use, especially if you are a beginner and you are just starting to learn the ropes on bass fishing.



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