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Spincast reels for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


Fishing has been a human activity for thousands of years, but only recently it has turned into a recreational activity that people get involved in just because they love it. If you are thinking about taking up fishing, a good idea would be to start with looking for the best equipment. Bass is the type of fish that is often recommended for beginners, because it is fun to catch and it can be found almost everywhere in the US. Spincast reels are considered a great choice for beginners, too, in terms of the gear necessary for catching fish, so you may begin by taking a closer look at this type of reel. Read about the best spincast reel for bass in the following guide.

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One of the first things to look for when you are shopping for spincast reels is the material they are made of. Back in the days, these reels used to be made of plastic and some metal parts, but, unfortunately, they were not very durable. Experts advise to get spincast reels that are made entirely of metal, as these can take a lot of wear and tear, and you will not have to worry that they will break too fast. By reading through the spincast reel reviews currently available online, you can clearly see the difference between various models and appreciate by yourself, the advantages of getting one that is made only of metal, without plastic parts.


Push button

One of the most important advantages of spincast reels is that they come equipped with a push button. What is this good for? When you are using a baitcast reel, you will notice how you need to control the line with your thumb, to avoid the so called line overrun. Spincast reels make things simpler for the user, as you can use the push button function to stop the line. For this reason, beginners are often recommended a spincast reel instead of a baitcast reel, when fishing for bass.



If you want to get the best reels for bass fishing, it is a good idea to search for a good brand. Zebco and Shakespeare are two of the best known manufacturers of spincast reels on which you know you can count. Making entry level models, as well as top of the line reels, these manufacturers have a great reputation and you will not go wrong when buying their products.


Top 4 products we recommend


You will find below the best spincast reels you can use for bass fishing. They are all popular and selected based on the their great performance; you will only need to see which one is the best fit for you.



Zebco 33 Platinum


1.Zebco 33 Platinum 5 Ball Bearing Spincast ReelIn case you really want to go for the best bass reel around, the Zebco 33 Platinum is exactly the model you should be looking for. The newest version of an already famous fishing reel, this one comes with improvements that are worthy of being taken into consideration. A new line management system is in place, its role being to improve retrieval and line control. A hook holder that can be accessed from both sides is a nice addition, because you will not have to fiddle around with hooks.

The model also comes with an improved gear train, and you will feel the difference right away. Casting is smooth, and the entire construction feels sturdy and durable. At the same time, the spincast reel is very quiet, so you do not have to worry that you might startle the fish. The drag system contributes to more precision and accuracy, so you will find this spincast reel to have everything you need for turning your next bass fishing trip into a successful one. The fast gear ratio allows you proper control of the line and the changeable retrieve from one hand to another is also handy. Last, but not least, the entire body and handle are made of metal.



Pflueger President


2.Pflueger President Spincast Reel ConvertibleProper line control and retrieval are among the most significant features to look for in a spincast reel for bass fishing. The Pflueger President offers exactly that, by being equipped with a fast 3.8:1 gear ratio that puts you in control. The frame and the handle are both made of aluminum and they are very durable and sturdy. The anti-reverse system comes in handy, as you do not want hook sets to bother you when you pull the line.

There are 4 ball bearings installed on this spincast reel, and because of the great execution, they are more than enough for bass fishing. Your reel will work smoothly and efficient each and every time, so you will surely enjoy vacationing at your favorite fishing spots. The soft touch knob on the handle allows you smooth control over the line, and all in all, you will love the feel of having this piece of fishing gear in your hand. The adjustable drag system contributes to the great performance of this model. The front cone is also made of aluminum, so you can count on this reel to be durable and serve you for years to come. The ambidextrous handling is a plus.



Zebco 606KBK20BX3


3.Zebco 606KBK20BX3Another great spincast reel from Zebco, the Zebco 606KBK20BX3 excels in durability and performance. The gears are made of metal, so you can count on the overall durability of this model. For larger fish, it is ideal, and you can hook larger lures on it, as well. The model comes pre-spooled with 15 pound line, so you can go fishing for bass right away. Everything in this spincast reel spells quality and it looks like the manufacturer did not forget about even the minutest details that make a fishing reel a great one. The drag system is adjustable, which allows you plenty of leeway when you are fishing for all kinds of fish, and the anti-reverse option makes sure that you will not have to deal with tangled line.

Keep in mind that this model is designed for right handed anglers, and you may have to look for a different model if you are left handed. The EVA handle is extremely comfortable, which will add to your enjoyment when you are spending time on water bodies, trying to catch bass. The blank is made of durable glass and overall this model will not disappoint you in terms of performance and sturdiness.



Lew’s Fishing Slab Shaker


5.Lew's Fishing Slab Shaker Spincast ReelIn case you are looking for an affordable spincast reel, without feeling like you are sacrificing quality, the Lew’s Fishing Slab Shaker is right up your alley. Lew’s is a company well known for making high quality reels and this one is no exception to the rule. The model comes with 8 ball bearings made of stainless steel and the frame is made of graphite composite. As you can see, only the best materials are employed and you can count on the spincast reel to be durable, but lightweight, at the same time. The drag system is designed to help you tackle larger species of fish, including bass.

A great thing is that you can choose between various gear ratios, depending on your skill and preferences as an angler. The model comes with 4.3:1, 5.4:1, 6.4:1 and 7.1:1 gear ratios for you to choose from, in order to help you catch any kind of bass you want. The handle is made of anodized aluminum, so it can withstand quite a lot of wear and tear, without getting rusted or corroded. The line guide is made of titanium, which is another great plus, since all the components of a spincast reel should be equally durable.


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