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Spinning reels for bass fishing – Buying guide and Reviews – 2018


Spinning reels, or open faced reels, are the most recommended for freshwater fishing, and, subsequently, for bass fishing. Since bass is a fish that can be found in many rivers across the US, it is a good idea to start by learning a bit more about spinning reels. This buying guide is created to help you get the best spinning reel for bass fishing, when you go shopping for one. We will take you through the most important features to keep in mind, and we will introduce you to the best models now available a bit later.

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Body material

When you look around at various spinning reels, you will notice right away that there are various materials used by manufacturers to make the body of the reel. Inexpensive models are virtually everywhere, but they are not exactly recommended. In case you want something you can really count on, it would be a good idea to search for those that use aluminum and graphite as materials. These materials are lightweight, but durable and resistant to rust and corrosion at the same time.


Anti-reverse function

It is very important to get a spinning reel with anti-reverse function, especially if you are a novice at bass fishing. This fish is known to be quite a fighter, so you will need every help you can get once it bites and starts to struggle. A spinning reel with anti-reverse will be your best ally, as it will provide a solid hook once that happens. Also, when you are pulling back, the line will only go one way and it will not overrun the spool. Overall, this means fewer troubles for you, especially regarding the line.


Ball bearings

It is very important to get a spinning reel with good quality ball bearings. These bearings ensure that the casting is smooth and that your line doesn’t become jerky when you try to pull. In case you want to go for a less expensive model, it serves to get one that comes with more ball bearings than the rest. The more bearings the reel will have, the steadier your casting and retrieval will be. So, when shopping, don’t forget to take a look at the bearing count.


Top 4 products we recommend


If you want the best reel for bass fishing, you will surely find it in the list below. These models are scoring high in anglers’ preferences right now as they are durable and they offer smooth casting.



KastKing Mako


1.KastKing Mako Spinning ReelLine retrieve rate is something you should look for in a good quality spinning reel. The KastKing® Mako is thought to be the best bass spinning reel around, and for all the right reasons. The rotor brushes prevent the line from dropping when retrieving, which is a great plus, since a dropped line can really ruin your chances of pulling the fish out of the water. The crank is made of aluminum and can pick up 36 inches on a single turn, which is really fast and efficient. Its 5.1:1 gear ratio is ideal for catching bass.

The maximum drag offered is 22 pounds, so you do not have to worry if a bigger fish happens to bite. You will be able to pull it out of the water and show the trophy to everyone around. The 8 ball bearings present on the spinning reel reviewed here are made of stainless steel, and the anti-reverse function is there to make sure that your line never overruns. The reversible handle makes it a fine choice for both right handed and left handed anglers; the EVA knob prevents slippage and makes the crank even more comfortable.



KastKing Sharky II


2.KastKing Sharky II Waterproof Spinning ReelAnother great contender at the title of the best freshwater spinning reel is a great model from KastKing. The KastKing Sharky II comes equipped with waterproof sealing that makes sure that even plunged in water the reel will still work. No matter if you are fishing by kayak or you are doing surf fishing, you will simply love this intuitive and easy to use spinning reel.

The reel can deal with up to 41.5 pounds of drag, so you can successfully chase after that big fish you always wanted as a trophy. The drag system is made of carbon fiber, so it is very durable, while maintaining the overall weight of the reel to a minimum. The casting is smooth, while the performance is out of this world, so you and this reel will surely become inseparable whenever you want to go fishing.

The entire construction of this spinning reel is designed for maximum performance. Internal grooves are there for better lube retention and the knob on the spool is sealed to prevent water from getting inside your drag system. The model comes with 11 high quality stainless steel ball bearings, and the operation is very quiet for maximum efficiency.



Quantum Fishing Fire 40


3.Quantum Fishing Fire 40 10-Bearing Spinning ReelStrength is one of the most important aspects anglers look for when they are shopping for a spinning reel. The Quantum Fishing Fire 40 is both strong and lightweight, due to the composite body it comes with. The number of ball bearings you can find on this model is 10, so there are plenty of them to keep the casting smooth. The continuous anti-reverse function is a great feature, too, because it prevents your line from getting tangled, or dropping out exactly when you need it most. Only the best materials are used for this reel. The spool is made of aluminum with carbon fiber inserts, while the collapsible handle comes equipped with nice looking EVA knobs.

The multi-stack drag system is another characteristic of this spinning reel worth talking about. The drag system is very important when you are trying to catch fish in freshwater, especially larger species. Because the drag system can be adjusted, you will be able to fish various species of fish, including bass, and the versatility it presents will make this spinning reel your best friend. All in all, this is a great spinning reel that you can take on your bass fishing trips.



Yoshikawa CY4000-6000


4.Yoshikawa CY4000-6000The Yoshikawa CY4000-6000 is sturdy and offers smooth casting, which is exactly what anglers want in a spinning reel built for bass fishing. Since the fish will pull quite strongly once it bites, it counts to have a reel that can deal with it without being too hard on your hands. The graphite sideplates keep the overall weight of the spinning reel to a minimum, and so do that aluminum handles you can fold when not in use for more convenience.

There are 11 ball bearings installed on this spinning reel, so smoothness of operation is readily ensured. The drag system is designed to help you with more stubborn fish. The feature, called Bite-Running, is very handy because it will prevent losing tackle when the fish that bites is on the larger side. If you happen to catch a big one in your hook, you will just have to crank the handle and right away the drag will engage, allowing you to stay on top of the game, until the fish loses its strength and energy to fight. Basically, you will gain great control when you are fishing, no matter which species you are after, be it freshwater or saltwater.



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