Fenwick Elite Tech Review



Why we like this model

The Elite Tech by Fenwick comes with the power and action you need to successfully land bass and other species of fish.

You will appreciate the comfortable EVA and TAC handle that is designed to provide you with a secure grip, even when your hands are wet.

Since the guides are constructed from titanium they are durable, lightweight and capable of providing you with a smooth and reliable performance.

The reel seat is designed to be completely functional while also being comfortable since you can’t “feel” the threads.


User complaints

Due to its durable and lightweight construction and innovative reel seat design this bass spinning rod has received favorable reviews on Amazon. Consumers can even choose between a one or two piece design so even storage and portability are not an issue with the Elite Tech.



In depth information


If you want to actually catch bass instead of aimlessly casting hoping for a bite you need the right gear. This spinning rod from Fenwick is designed for bass fishing, and has the strength and flexibility you need to have a successful trip. It is rated for medium power and fast action so you can easily make accurate casts at greater distances. Since it is designed to only flex at the tip you can easily set the hook the minute you feel a fish take your bait.


To ensure that it has the strength needed to land active fish it comes with a durable graphite blank that also provides you with plenty of power and sensitivity. The titanium line guides allow the line to flow freely without any friction that could allow the fish to get away, and they are also resistant to rust and corrosion that could interfere with the rod’s performance. The titanium guides also won’t add any extra weight to the spinning rod so you can comfortably fish all day without worrying about arm or wrist fatigue.


What really makes the Elite Tech stand out is its innovative hidden reel seat design that combines comfort and functionality. Unlike other spinning rods you won’t “feel” the threads on the seat, and this also helps to improve the rod’s performance. The EVA and TAC handle is also designed with your comfort in mind and will provide you with a secure grip even in wet conditions. With the Elite Tech you don’t have to worry about the rod slipping out of your hands when you are trying to land a heavy a bass fish.


This spinning rod is not only designed for performance, but also convenience. You can choose between the one or two piece model, depending on your particular needs. The two piece spinning rod is simple to assemble, and when it is broken down storage is a breeze. This also makes it easier to take with you so you always have your gear with you when you find a great place to fish.


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