Fiblink Sea Bass Review



Why we like this model

This spinning rod by Fiblink comes with a durable and lightweight construction that allows it to be used for fresh and saltwater fishing.

Since it can be broken down into two pieces, it is easy to store or take with you when you are traveling.

It comes with a carbon fiber blank that is strong enough to land fresh and saltwater bass without breaking.

The guides and reel seat are constructed from durable stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion due to constant exposure to saltwater.


User complaints

The majority of the consumer reviews are positive regarding this bass spinning rod, expect one customer did report that it arrived scratched and damaged. If this happens a simple phone call to the manufacturer’s service department will quickly resolve any problems that occurred during shipping so you can get out on the water.



In depth information


If you are planning on going after sea bass you need a spinning rod that is powerful and durable, and that’s what you get with this model from Fiblink. It comes with a durable carbon fiber blank that is designed specially for heavier sea bass, and it has the power and strength you need to successfully land your catch in the boat. The carbon fiber construction also ensures that the rod is lightweight and easy to handle, which is always an advantage no matter what you are casting for.


It is rated for fast action and medium heavy power so you can easily make accurate long distance casts. Not only will this allow you to cast over surf, but you also don’t have to worry about getting close enough to startle any fish that might be lurking nearby. The fast action design also ensures that the rod is sensitive enough at the tip so you can feel the slightest nibble, along with making it easier to set your hook before the fish swims away.


Along with the lightweight carbon fiber blank, this rod also comes with stainless steel line guides that are resistant to rust and corrosion. This ensures a smooth performance on every cast and retrieval, without any friction that might cause your line to jerk and the fish to get away. The reel seat is enhanced for strength, and the hood is also constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel.


To ensure a secure and comfortable grip that handle is constructed from a durable cork material. Not only is it comfortable to grasp when you are fighting to bring your catch in, it also won’t slip easily out of wet hands. The rod can also be broken down into 2 pieces for easy storage and portability so you can always have your gear with you. As an added bonus this bass spinning rod also comes with a convenient bag that not only protects the rod from damage during storage, it also makes traveling a breeze.


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