KastKing Sharky II Review


Why we like this model

Thanks to its waterproof seals this spinning reel can survive up to three minutes in the water without affecting its performance.

With up to 41.5 pounds of drag you can easily bring in large saltwater bass with this powerful spinning reel.

Performance is never an issue since the lightweight reel comes with multiple ball bearings.

Since it comes with a lightweight construction the reel won’t upset your rod’s balanced feel.


User complaints

Overall the reviews for this spinning reel are positive, though one consumer did mention that it made a slight “clicking” noise during casts and retrievals. While this noise can be annoying it is generally not loud enough to frighten off any nearby fish. If the problem is serious it is usually covered under the product warranty and can be easily repaired.



In depth information



This spinning reel is built to last through years of fresh and saltwater fishing trips. The spool is constructed from durable aluminum so it is sturdy and lightweight. It also comes with internal grooves so it can hold more line. The brass gear is designed to give you years of reliable performance, along with plenty of power for handling larger fish. What really sets this KastKing spinning reel apart is the waterproof seal. This ensures that you will get the same great performance even if the reel is accidentally dropped in the water.


Power is never a problem when you are fishing with this spinning reel. The Sharky II comes with a launch lip so you can easily make longer casts, which is always an advantage when you are surf fishing. The brass gears are not only designed to be durable, they are 30 percent stronger than other types so you have all the power you need successfully fight heavier fish. When this is combined with the triple disc carbon fiber drag system you have a reel that can stop fish up to 41.5 pounds.



If you are looking for a bass spinning reel that will give you a smooth and reliable performance, the Sharky II by KastKing might be perfect for you. It comes with 10 stainless steel ball bearings so your casts and retrievals are smooth and steady. Less jerking on the line when it is being reeled in means you don’t have to worry about your fish slipping free, especially considering how securely the hook is set thanks to the anti reverse bearing.



Not only is this reel capable of providing you with the power and performance you need, it is also comfortable to use. It’s lightweight construction ensures that it won’t throw off your rod’s balance, and this also helps to prevent arm fatigue that can occur when you are casting all day. The flat handle is designed to be comfortable to hold, even when you are fighting to land a large fish. It is also sturdy enough to withstand the added pressure that is often applied when there is a heavy bass on the line.


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