Lew’s Fishing American Hero Review



Why we like this model

The American Hero comes with a durable corrosion resistant construction that allows you to use it for bass fishing in salt and brackish water.

You will appreciate the 3 drainage holes in the frame that make it easy to rinse saltwater out of the rod.

The reel seat is lightweight so it won’t throw off the balanced feel of the rod, and the hood is resistant to rust and corrosion for a smooth and reliable performance.

It is rated for “heavy” power so you know that you have the strength you need to successful land large sea bass and other trophy worth fish.


User complaints

Overall the reviews concerning this flipping rod for bass are all positive, even from first time users. One consumer did mention that some damage did occur during shipping, but since the problem was quickly resolved by the manufacturer he still gave the rod a five star review on Amazon.


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In depth information


When you are looking for a flipping rod for bass and other powerful fish you need it to be durable, sensitive and powerful. With the American Hero by Lews you get the power and performance you need at a price that will fit almost any angler’s budget. Since it is rated for heavy power and action you can easily make accurate casts at a distance, even clearing the surf from the shore. This also ensures that the rod is sensitive enough to feel the slightest nibble, and since it flexes from the tip you can easily set the hook before the fish swims away.


Since this flipping rod measures 7’ 6” you have the length you need to clear the surf, and when this is combined with its heavy action properties your casts will land exactly where you want. It should be mentioned that this is a one piece rod and while this does provide you with exceptional strength, it can also make it awkward to carry over long distances. The one piece blank is also constructed from graphite so it is durable, resistant to corrosion and still incredibly lightweight.


The reel seat and hood are also constructed from graphite so rust and corrosion from saltwater is never a problem. Since weight is always a concern with a flipping rod, the reel seat is designed with this in mind. It is lightweight, durable and won’t throw the balanced feel of the rod off so every cast is smooth and accurate.


The frame comes with three pre-drilled holes so you can easily drain water from the rod when you are done fishing for the day. This makes cleaning the rod afterwards quick and easy, along with helping to prolong its life. The stainless steel guides are resistant to rust and corrosion, and ensure exceptionally smooth casts and retrievals. If you are looking for a high performance flipping rod at an affordable price you might want to consider the American Hero by Lews.


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