Okuma EVX Review


Okuma casting1

Why we like this model

Not only does this Okuma bass casting rod come with a durable graphite blank construction, it is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

If you love the strength you get with braided line you will appreciate the zirconium guide inserts.

The line guides are constructed for stainless steel so they are durable and lightweight.

It comes with a Fuji ACS reel seat so you can rest assured that it is durable and able to provide a secure fit.


User complaints

The reviews on this bass casting rod from Okuma are mainly positive though one consumer did mention that it did not perform well for ice fishing. This is because it is a casting rod and not intended to be used for any type of fishing in frozen ponds. As you can tell, this minor gripe does not affect its overall performance.



In depth information


Okuma is one of the most trusted manufacturers of fishing gear and it’s easy to see why after casting with this rod. The EVX is a one piece casting rod with medium to heavy power and fast action capabilities so you can easily land 10 to 20 pound bass without any problems. When this is combined with its 7 foot length you have the power you need to make accurate long distance casts.


This casting rod is designed to be responsive and sensitive, which is exactly what you need for bass, walleye and other fish. Since it is rated for fast action the tip is sensitive and flexible, while the medium power ensures you can apply the pressure needed to successful land heavier fish. It comes with a graphite construction that is lightweight and durable, along with other high end components.


The stainless steel guides make rigging easy so you can spend more time fishing, and their durable construction ensures that they won’t break when you are reeling a large bass in. It also comes with zirconium inserts that work perfectly with stronger braided line. The inserts also ensures that the line flows freely which not only allows you to make longer casts, it also provides you with a fast and smooth retrieval.


Adding to the rod’s appeal is the Fuji ACS trigger reel seat. Its durable construction ensures a secure fit for the reel, without adding any extra weight to the rod. The seat also helps to increase sensitivity, and improve the rod’s overall performance. When all of this is combined you have a lightweight, durable and sensitive casting rod that is ideal for bass fishermen at any skill level. It also comes with a low profile design so people will notice your catch and not your gear. Back by a limited lifetime warranty, the EVX by Okuma might be just what you are looking for.


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