Our review on KastKing Mako



1.KastKing® Mako Spinning Reel

Why we like this model

With up to 22 pounds of drag this spinning reel can easily handle large fresh and saltwater fish.

The Mako by KastKing comes with an aluminum construction that ensures durability without adding a lot of extra weight.

Since it comes with multiple stainless steel ball bearings you can enjoy smooth casts and retrievals.

The EVA handle is comfortable to hold, and it can be easily reversed for use by left and right hand anglers.


User complaints

It is hard to find a negative comment about this spinning reel. It has the power and performance you need for bass fishing at a relatively affordable price. The only downside to this reel is that it is a little heavier than some similar models.


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In depth information



This spinning reel by KastKing is designed to give bass fishermen the performance they need, while also being easy and comfortable to use. The black and silver design ensures that this spinning reel will look great on your rod, and its sleek style can make even a novice angler feel like a pro. The EVA handle is designed to be comfortable to grasp even when you are fighting a heavy fish, and most importantly it won’t slip easily out of wet hands. The machined handle is also reversible so this spinning reel can be comfortably used by right and left hand anglers.

2.KastKing® Mako Spinning Reel


If you are going to have a successful fishing trip you need a sturdy reel, and that is what you get with the Mako by KastKing. The spool and handle are constructed from durable aluminum, thus being resistant to corrosion so you can use the reel for fresh and saltwater applications. The stainless steel ball bearings are also resistant to rust so you can depend on a smooth performance every time you cast. With the addition of the metal foot you get a spinning reel that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of a large bass fish.



You never have to worry about this spinning reel failing when you need it the most. It comes with 8 stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth casts and retrievals. There is also one anti reverse bearing that makes it easy to firmly set your hook. What really sets the Mako apart is its innovative rotary brush that works to reduce snarls and tangles in your line. Not only is this a feature novice anglers can appreciate, but experienced bass fishermen as well.



Capable of producing up to 22 pounds of drag, this spinning reel has the power you need to go after large bass. The 5.1:1 gear ratio ensures a fast retrieval, and since the handle is capable of picking up 36 inches of line for every turn you rarely have to worry about losing a hooked fish. The fast and powerful retrieval also helps to minimize fatigue so you have plenty of energy to fish all day.


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