Piscifun Graphite Review




Why we like this model

Since this spinning rod can be easily broken down into 4 pieces it is easy and convenient to carry, and can even fit in a backpack.

The carbon fiber blank is lightweight and powerful, and comes with “Armor Core Technology”  for added durability.

You will appreciate the ceramic guides that allows the line to flow freely so you can enjoy smooth casts and retrievals.

As an added bonus this spinning rod by Piscifun comes with a small hook keeper so you can keep spinner and crank bait conveniently close by.


User complaints

The only real complaint regarding this spinning rod by consumers is that the tip can snap off on occasion. While this does make the rod impossible to use, in most cases it is covered under the product’s limited warranty and a quick call to customer service will usually resolve the problem.



In depth information


Piscifun designed this spinning rod to have the strength and flexibility you need to go after a variety of fish. It comes with a carbon core that provides you with plenty of sensitivity, while the layer of 8 ton E glass ensures that it has the strength needed to land active fish. Even though it is designed for durability this spinning rod is still incredibly lightweight so you can keep casting all day without worrying about arm fatigue.


It is rated for medium power and fast action which makes this rod a great choice for jigging, and experienced anglers will appreciate being able to make accurate long distance casts. Since it  bends at the tip you can easily set your hook the instant you feel at fish nibbling at your bait. The guides are evenly spaced to ensure your line flows freely, and since they are resistant to corrosion you can enjoy friction free casts and retrievals. When all of this is combined you can enjoy greater success on your trips, without having to come back with stories about the “one that got away”.


So you don’t have to waste time hunting for your crank or spinner bait there is a convenient hook keeper at the end of the EVA handle. This allows you to keep small pieces of hardware close at hand so you don’t have to take your eyes of the rod and miss a potential bite. The EVA handle is also comfortable to grasp, and won’t easily slip out of wet hands when you are trying to land your catch.


One of the best aspects about this spinning rod is the fact that it can be broken down into 4 pieces for convenient storage. This also makes it great for traveling. It can be stored in the trunk of your car so you can stop at any lake or river, and it also fits easily into a backpack. This way you always have your gear with you whenever you find a great place to fish.


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