Piscifun Kylin Review




Why we like this model

The Kylin by Piscifun comes with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame and spool.

Since it comes with multiple ball bearings and a 6.3:1 gear ratio you can enjoy a smooth and reliable performance.

Backlashes are never a problem thanks to the magnetic brake system that makes it easier to cast accurately.

To improve its strength and durability the reel comes with scratch resistant graphite side plates.


User complaints

Overall this baitcasting reel has received mainly positive reviews though one owner did mention the handle. If it does come loose tightening it may be problematic, but a new one can be easily attached for a nominal fee. In some cases it might even be covered under the warranty, but this does depend on the date of purchase.



In depth information



The last thing you want to worry about when you are trying to land a big fish is whether your reel can withstand the pressure. Thanks to its durable construction, this is never a problem with this baitcasting reel by Piscifun. The frame and spool are constructed from a durable aluminum that is CNC machined to ensure strength, without adding extra weight. It also comes with a graphite sideplate for added durability.

Along with its lightweight and durable construction the Kylin comes with flat sided EVA knob. This unique design ensures that the knob is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of reeling in large fish, while also providing you with the power you need. Its flat design is also comfortable to hold, even for extended periods of time. When the reel is comfortable to use you will find that your chances of landing the “big one” improve significantly.



To ensure a smooth and reliable performance, this baitcasting reel comes with 9 stainless steel ball bearings. There is also one roller bearing for improved performance. The durable material is resistant to rust and corrosion so you can enjoy smooth casts and retrievals with this reel through years of successful fishing trips. While the bearings ensure a smooth performance the multiple gear system will make it easy for you to quickly retrieve your line without having to put a lot of effort into it. This way you can fish all day without feeling exhausted. The reel also comes with a ceramic guide so your line always flows freely without any friction.


Stopping Power

Beginners and experienced anglers will appreciate the magnetic braking system. SInce it is adjustable you can set the line tension to match the weight of your lure or bait so your casts are always accurate no matter where you are fishing. This adjustable system also helps to ensure smooth braking which can reduce the chances of painful backlash that can happen to even the most experienced angler if their line tension is off. Designed for precision and performance, it’s easy to see why this baitcasting reel is a favorite with anglers.


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