Quantum Fishing Fire 40 Review


Why we like this model

You will appreciate its smooth performance capabilities thanks to the multiple bearing system.

Since this spinning reel is constructed from composite materials it is lightweight, durable and powerful.

Quantum Fishing designed this spinning reel to be comfortable and easy to use.

It has a sleek design that looks great with any gear, and its professional appearance will make an novice bass fisherman feel like a pro.


User complaints

In general the reviews regarding this spinning reel are favorable. There have been a few mentions that a part was missing or broken upon delivery. While this is annoying the problem can be easily resolved simply by contacting customer service for a free replacement part.



In depth information


Ease of Use

One of the reasons for this reel’s popularity is its comfortable and easy to use design. Since this is a spinning reel it comes with a closed face design that helps to prevent annoying snarls and tangles on casts and retrievals. Not only is this an advantage for beginners, but it is also something experienced anglers can appreciate, It is also designed for comfort, and this is always important if you are planning on spending the entire day fishing. Its lightweight construction helps prevent arm fatigue, and also makes it a little easier to cast farther.

You will also appreciate the handle which is designed to be comfortable to hold and won’t slip easily out of wet hands. Since it can be attached on either side of the reel it is easy and comfortable for left and right hand anglers to use. The handle can also be collapsed for convenient storage.


This spinning reel comes with a composite body so it is lightweight, strong and durable. The spool is constructed from machined aluminum that is double anodized to ensure a smooth and reliable performance. It is also capable of holding up to 8 pound test line so you can use this reel to go after powerful bass. Since the spool is anodized rust and corrosion aren’t a problem, even when it is exposed to saltwater. Even the bearings are designed to provide you with a long lasting and reliable performance.


Power and Performance

Thanks to the 9 ball bearings you can rely on smooth casts and retrievals every time you use this spinning reel. The Fire 40 also comes with one anti reverse bearing that will ensure your hook is securely set. The continuous anti reverse is also a great feature for novice bass anglers since it will effectively prevent your line from tangling or going slack. Either one could result in a lost fish which could ruin the rest of your day.

Along with its dependable performance capabilities the Fire 40 also comes with a multi-stack drag system. This ensures that you have the stopping power you need when you have a heavy fish on the line. When this is combined with the powerful drag, even a novice can successfully reel in a fish worth bragging about.


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