Tica WMVA Series Review



Why we like this model

This flipping rod from Tica is the perfect choice for bass and even walleye fishing thanks to its durable and sensitive design.

The blank is constructed from a durable graphite material that is still lightweight and sensitive.

You will appreciate the uniquely designed reel seat that helps to ensure that you never miss a nibble on your line.

Since the guides are constructed from Zirconia you can enjoy smooth casts and retrievals every time you use this bass flipping rod.


User complaints

Overall this flipping rod by Tica has received favorable reviews, even for the company’s customer service department. One consumer did mention that he wished it was a 2 piece rod to make it easier to carry, but since it is telescopic it can be collapsed for easier storage and portability.


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In depth information


When you are ready to go after larger bass and even walleyes you need a rod that is powerful and capable of clearing heavy cover or surf. With this telescopic rod from Tica, you get all of the power and sensitivity you need to have a successful fishing trip in fresh or saltwater. It comes with a durable graphite construction that ensures that the rod is lightweight, sensitive and powerful. The high density material is also resistant to rust and corrosion so you can use it almost anywhere.


To ensure you always have a smooth and reliable performance the guides are constructed from high quality Zirconia that is also resistant to rust and corrosion. The guides ensure that the line can flow smoothly without any of the “jerkiness” that might allow a fish to get away. The durable ring guides are also designed for strength so you don’t have to worry about them breaking off and allowing your line to go slack.


What really sets this bass flipping rod apart is its uniquely designed reel seat. Constructed from a lightweight graphite material it is resistant to corrosion due to prolonged exposure to salt water, and it is designed to amplify the feel of the slightest nibble. This ensures that you never miss a potential trophy worthy catch. The reel seat also won’t throw off the balanced feel of the rod so every cast is accurate, even at a distance.


Even though this rod measures over 7’ it is still relatively easy to take with you when you travel, thanks to its telescopic design. The rod is easy to extend when you are ready to start fishing, and simply collapses for convenient storage. It is also rated for medium power and fast action which is just what you need when you are trying to clear heavy cover and still cast accurately.  Designed for flipping, frogs and even large swim baits there is very little that you can’t fish for with this sensitive and powerful rod from Tica.


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